A Fascinating Place, An Authentic Hotel Caravanserai

Hotel Arischa offers you a hotel caravanserai  style to try absolutely!

Caravanserail or « fondouk » exist since the 9th century and its construction spread until the 19th century.

Located along the old caravan routes, especially along the ancient silk roads. These establishments have, for centuries, hosted street vendors and their mounts. This monument was built around a patio. The animals were installed on the ground floor while the nomads settled in the rooms or ghorfas, on the 1st floor. For a long time, the island of Djerba was a place of trade in the Mediterranean region. The street vendors traveled to the island via the Trik el Jemal, the Camel Road, which connected the island to the mainland.

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caravansérail Tunisie Houmt Souk

One of the most beautiful experiences is spending the night in a caravanserail hotel with preserved architecture!

Room in alcove, traditional djerbienne decoration with a touch of modern artists.

A beautiful old-style pool. A beautiful patio surrounded by bougainvillea. A charming hotel and one of the most authentic discoveries.