A Delicacy Without Borders

Service is not a profession; it is a commitment, a second nature. Thoughtful, precise, efficient, it is the fruit of an experience forged at every instant through contact with our customers.

Discreet and constant attention, a ceaseless desire to be useful, a sense of anticipation and a determination always to do better.

At the Arischa Hotel, this state of mind is shared by all employees. A staff who have felt a home attachment for decades, sharing a culture and an ongoing challenge to satisfy our customers.

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Tunisian Culinary Specialities with North African Roots

Djerbian cuisine is one of the specialities of the restaurant bar Houmt Souk, resulting from the Maghreb cuisine based on vegetables, sheep, beef, camel, fish and pasta.

Dishes Characteristic of Tunisia

Tunisian Dessert

Tunisian Drinks

Tunisian couscous (made from cooked durum wheat semolina, accompanied by pieces of lamb, beef, chicken or fish, green and dried vegetables); merguez ; Fatma fingers (stuffed with meat and vegetables) ; chorba (Arabic soup) ; mechoui (lamb or goat skewer) ; and meloukhia (lamb meat stewed in olive oil, and accompanied by a green sauce); kamounia (stewed meat pieces, including liver, prepared with a delicious thick sauce, spiced with cumin); tajine (made with lamb, vegetables, eggs, potatoes, malsouka leaves, and parmesan), etc.

Baklawas (Dessert made from honey, dried fruit, sugar, salted butter, eggs, oil, almonds, and geranium water); bouza (similar to inverted creams, made from sorghum, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, milk and sugar); makroud (honey semolina cake, filled with dates or almonds, fried in oil or cooked in the oven); etc.

The wines of Tunisia are very famous, as well as its fig brandies and, of course, its delicious mint tea and coffee, very strong.