The Caravanserai

The caravanserais or fondouks exist since the IXe century and their construction was spread out until the XIXe century.  Located along the old roads of the caravans, in particular along the old Roads of silk, these establishments, accommodated during centuries, travelling merchants and their mountings.

The caravanserai was built around a patio.  The animals were installed on the ground-floor whereas the nomads settled in the rooms or ghorfas, on the 1st floor.

For a long time, the island of Djerba was a place of trade in the Mediterranean area.  The travelling merchants went on the island by borrowing “Trik el Jemal”, the road of the camels, which connected the island to the continent.

Hôtel caravansérail Djerba Tunisie
Hôtel caravansérail Djerba Tunisie
Hôtel caravansérail Djerba souk
Arischa hôtel de charme djerba